Snowmobile adventure in the Lyngen Alps

This snowmobile tour takes you from fjord and mountains in the Lyngen Alps - a great opportunity to experience the wonderful and varied scenery to be found here.
Before tours start becomes an instruction on how to treat / Snowmobiling and security. Two people sharing a scooter and switches along the way, so that both get to experience the same. We start in easy terrain in good snowmobile trails and stops along the way for photos and find out how it goes with your snowmobiling. Eventually you will get close to the towering Alps on surround this area and while driving here you can also see the arctic fjord beneath you. We stop, drill holes in the ice on a frozen lake and you can taste cold, pure and clear glacier water.
I think you'll like it!

Snowmobile 039 Snowmobile 049 Snowmobile 053

Adventures: By day
Periode: 1.11 - 31.03.
Duration: 7 hours
Number: 2-12 pers. ( 2 pers. at each snowmobile)
Price: kr.1795, - p.p.
Child u/12 year: -50 %
Program: Included: Book Now!