Dog Sled Expedition

Drive your own team of huskies or take a ride with one of our experienced guides!
Enjoy the arctic coastal nature with fantastic view over Tromsø, surrounded with white covered mountains and long fjords. If the weather is rough you will have a fresh experience. Our top trained dogs will find the way no matter what. You can choose to sit in the sled our drive your own team of huskies. There’s a good chance of spotting some wildlife on the way through the snow covered landscape. After about one hour of dog sledding we return to the ranch where you will meet our puppies and maybe make some four legged friends. You will be served a sami meal (Bidos) with coffee and cake for dessert inside a warm sami tent (lavvo). We also offer vegetarian food. If you wish to drive you own sled let us know when you book, but if the weather/snow conditions is bad you may have to sit in the sled driven by one of our guides. The price for riding and driving is the same. Suitable for everyone!

Season: Guiding, transport from Tromsø (25 minutes each way), dog sledding, lunch, outdoor clothes
Duration: 4 hours
Pickup/drop off: Radisson Blu Hotel: 09:45-14:00
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